Artwalk with Elizabeth Waddington & Rachel Larson Long

Friday, October 5th, 5 – 9pm Reception – Free!

Finding Center is a collaborative show of Rachel Larson Long and Elizabeth Waddington. Mandalas can be found in nature or created by humans and have been used by many cultures throughout history.

“In the circle we experience perfect symmetry, integrity, unity, and completeness and beyond those qualities, the visual equivalent of eternity.” Fontana & Tenzin-Dolma. Our mandalas reflect our individual experiences and attempts to integrate and find meaning through symmetry, repetition and symbolism. As a meditation tool they can be used in mindfulness practices. Mandalas can be used to expand understanding and help connect with the bigger universe. As a reflection tool, the act of creating a mandala can bring you home to your own center.

Rachel Larson Long, art therapist and retired art teacher, often incorporates intense color, flowing line, and overlapping shapes to create symbolic abstract images. Nature, music, and the mysteries of life are explored through acrylic painting and mixed media works.

Elizabeth Rock Waddington, retired librarian and art teacher, has returned to her art roots. She grew up in a family of multigenerational artists where materials were always available to experiment with and encouragement for self-expression was freely given.

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May 30 2024


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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